Franny Vergo’s Poetry Series

While I was teaching elementary school, I was always looking for good literature to enhance my lessons, particularly in Math, Science, and Social Studies.  I found and used some good stories, especially for Math, but found it difficult to find good poetry in the content areas.

Therefore, when I retired, two years ago, I chose to write “Mathapalooza”, a collection of math poetry,  before my superhero series.  It turned out well, so I went on to write “Sciencepalooza” and “Historypalooza”. Each of my “palooza” poetry books contains rhyming poems that sum up the main content and vocabulary of the poem topic.  They have creative titles and are fun to read, so children are being entertained while simultaneously gaining knowledge in math, science, and history!  Many of the poems also include a corresponding picture! “Mathapalooza” and “Sciencepalooza” cover the main topics taught in the elementary grades, and “Historypalooza” focuses on Prehistoric and American History.

The books in my poetry series are not only great for children in grades 1-5, but are quite helpful for elementary teachers!  Parents will also discover many interesting facts in the poems!